07. How rapper Cal Scruby went from living on a farm to making songs with Chris Brown.

My seventh guest on the Black With No Cream Podcast is Cal Scruby which is actually really tight for me as he is my first musical guest. Cal is a rapper/songwriter originally from Columbus, Ohio and is now living in Los Angeles, California. His story is sick. He has had millions and millions of plays on all of his songs and videos including his biggest record to date, titled Ain’t Shit Change featuring Chris Brown (which I actually edited the music video and shot the drone footage swag). But nothing has come easy for Cal and he’s still working day and night to achieve his goals. In this interview, we talk about how Cal grew up on a farm listening to rap, how in college he decided to give up being an Engineering major to focusing on music, how he was able to get the state of Ohio to fuck with him on a big level, and he even shares a story about one of the lowest points in his life when he had considered giving up on rap, but by chance was given the golden ticket which took him from rapping for fun in Ohio to landing in a studio session in LA with Chris Brown and Drake like wtf? Life can change in the blink of the eye and Cal is a clear example of that. I’m proud of Cal. We both moved to LA around the same time which is when we became friends and have been grinding since. I’m excited for you to hear all of this and more, on the BWNC podcast today.

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