10. How Anthony Tripoli QUIT his lead photography job with Zappos and began working with rapper Oliver Francis.

On today’s episode, I sat down with an old friend of mine, Anthony Tripoli also known as Artripoli on Instagram. Tony, is known for his photography on many levels. He was a popular punk and hardcore photographer early on when living in Columbia, Missouri, he then took a chance and moved to Las Vegas where he became lead editorial photographer for Zappos, which is one of the largest online retail shops. Like they’re huge. They were bought Amazon for 1.2 billion dollars or some shit. That’s a big deal. After working and perfecting his craft there, he decided to walk away and move back to Columbia, MO where he began focusing on video and linked with rapper/singer/songwriter, Oliver Francis.

Tony and Oliver came over to my house before their LA show and both hopped on the BWNC podcast. If you don’t know who Oliver Francis is, listen to last weeks episode to hear bout his explosive career on youtube that now has every label knocking at his door. Oliver and Tony have made over 13 videos together, collecting over 5.6 MILLION + views and are currently on Oliver’s first US headlining tour.

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