11. How Travis Lloyd went from growing up in foster care to public speaking around the world.

On today’s episode, I am happy to bring my homie Travis Lloyd on to share his story. Travis is a mental health professional, public speaker, foster care expert, hip-hop artist, Author, and mentor. Travis grew up in and out of foster care, group homes, and was even institutionalized at one point. Growing up in and out of the system, he was often told that he would be dead or in jail before he was 18 and able to graduate High School. He had very little support to push and drive him to succeed in life, but – creatively, Travis created his own lane of success. Not only did Travis graduate high school, but he went on to graduate college with a bachelor in science.

Through a series of events, Travis has made it his personal goal to empower young people, the adults in their lives, and the professionals who work with them to reach their full potential. He now travels all over the world speaking and even sharing his poetry and raps that he wrote as a coping mechanism when he was going through the struggle. There is a lot to learn here in this conversation, Travis and I go back several years and before I moved to LA, I would fly all over the country with him to shoot and create content at these events. I’m proud of this dude and believe he has A LOT to offer. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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