14. How Markus Frieske became the Head of Social Influence at EA Games.

On today’s episode I sit down with one of my longest friends and top dogs at the company EA Games aka Electronic Arts aka EA Sports, It’s in the game. Markus is the Head of Influence for EA and is overseeing projects for almost every single EA game that they have. Markus is also a youtuber, who has been killing the game and testing new types of ways to create for youtube. Now to take this back, Markus and I met while both working at a car wash back in Cedar Falls, Iowa when I was in High School. He was the first person who actually sparked my hip hop career with my group Skoold and is one of those dudes who has given me years and years of mentorship which I am forever thankful for. Fast Forward to now, Markus actually introduced me to EA Games and allowed me to Direct my first true large budget branded video for Madden with Lil Dicky, Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, and Von Miller. We’ve worked on several projects since then and are finding new ways to create and push the bar.

In this podcast, we bounce all over the place to find out how Markus got this amazing position at EA. He shares some of the times he has hit rock bottom as a creator but was determined to find a way out. He started at a bottom level position at EA and managed to build great relationships, put in thousands of hours every year, and literally created his own position overseeing dozens of employees. Now, Markus works to share his knowledge in the gaming industry through his Podcast, “The Creator’s Toolkit”. He has an army on YouTube known as The Dots which follow his EmmDotFrisk channel that he created. Just from dedicating a few hours a week to the channel, he has gained over 11,000 subscribers in less than a year and over 1.6 million views on all of his videos. Make sure to stay tuned today if you’re looking some life lessons through markus’s story. I highly recommend not shutting this podcast the fuck off.

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