15. How Perspective Collective maximizes his days to be the ILLEST ILLUSTRATOR ON EARTH!

Today we have an insane hand lettering, illustrator, graphic designer on the show. His name is Scotty Russel but on the internet, he goes by the name, Perspective Collective. Scotty has a fast-growing Instagram account where he is vomiting insanely creative post after post which has gathered him an army of almost 40,000 followers. His work has been featured all over the internet, he’s been flown all over the country to speak about his art, and his collabs are insane. For instance, he just did a coffee mug collab with a company where they sold 200 mugs in less than 30 minutes – then turned around and sold 400 mugs of a different rare design in under 20 minutes. They even had one mug that was printed wrong go up for auction to raise money for an animal shelter and it sold for fucking $900……. Dude is lit.

Scotty and I both met several years back when I was making music. He owned a clothing brand and we would collaborate on many projects and shows. His work is incredible but most of all, he is hungry to teach and give back. He has his Perspective Collective Podcast where he gives inspiration and talks with a ton of creatives, he shares very detailed blogs and behind the scenes on his creative process. He is a dude you should definitely get to know and I’m stoked to share his story with you today.

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