16. How Jumpcut Academy’s Jessica Lorenzo is one of the illest female video editors on earth.


Tonight will be exciting for the BWNC podcast as I will finally be interviewing the FIRST FEMALE guest!!! I hate that I have only had a bunch of dudes on the podcast, but my friend circle in this industry just happens to be more male heavy. I’m stoked to get more women on here to share their shit. ANYWAYS…. Jessica Lorenzo is a filmmaker, editor, DJ, and marketing wizard. Jess edits full time for a super popular online film academy better known as the Jumpcut academy, constantly creating content for their platform. She has worked for publications like Hip Hop DX, this girl has done a lot of shit.

Jess is also a freelancer. She is heavily involved behind the scene’s for Rapper T.F (who was on EP 12 of the BWNC Podcast) creating visuals and building him up as an artist daily. She also is a founder for Music Video Night, a monthly local gathering which began in LA and is now happening in LA & NY. Basically, they host a music video director once a month to come share their work on a projector and speak to a live audience. They have had some of the leading music video directors speak so you are bound to get some valuable insight at these events. Def follow @MusicVideoNight on IG if you wanna attend an event. I’m excited to share this podcast episode with you guys today. Oh she also DJ’s by the name DJ Hella Kitty. Prepare to learn a thing or 10 in this episode!

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