18. How Andrew Doyle co-created a successful printing company through music and hustle.

Today’s episode is sick as fuck for me to share as this guest is one of my long long time friends, Andrew Doyle. Andrew and I grew up in together in Iowa and have both ended up out in Los Angeles with some success. Doyle co-owns a very successful printing company called Over Cast Printing based out of Long Beach. They print gear for companies and Artist like Playboy, Levi’s, Frank Ocean, Shawn White’s Air and Style festival, Kings Road Merchandise, YouTube Red, lot stock and barrel, Manchester Orchestra, Andrew McMahon… fucking everybody…. they print tour supply for bands world wide, shipping all through Japan, SE Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada and more. Doyle is no stranger to the arts either, he is currently in a band called Foreign Pain and has been in bands since early high school, he’s toured non stop all over the country and set a bar for our music scene early on in our lives. He ran a large music venue, he then ran a night club which almost cost him his life (stay tuned to hear that insane story). He became a successful booking agent, and even created a non profit toy drive that helps provide amazing Christmas’s to less fortunate families around southern california…. This dude has done it all.

Doyle is one of the most caring individuals that I know… He works his fucking ass off every day and said yes to every opportunity that has come his way. He’s seen rock bottom and has worked his way out time and time again… Like literally when he became co-owner of his printing shop… they literally had their entire office robbed and everything stolen…. You NEED to hear that story and stay tuned in because there are a fuck ton of valuable lessons in this episode for every bwnc member. Thank you doyle for doing this one for us!

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