20. How Anto Da Boss got 1 million subscribers on YouTube and why brands fly him all over the world.

Anto is based out of Maryland and is a full time youtuber. This dude has 933,000+ subscribers and will most likely hit 1million in the next month or two. That is an INSANE achievement. Anto has been creating videos surrounding sports since he started his channel, some of the main games being Madden 18 and NBA Live 18… I would just like to point out that this dude has over 286 MILLION views on all of his videos…. like wtf? This dude is signed to an agency, he has a manager… He has literally been flown all over the world to create content with different professional athletes, brands, and other creators which have organically created a global impact with the content he has produced. I met Anto awhile back on a project I shot with EA Sports and we have been homies since. S/O to this dude for getting on the podcast and sharing his story along with several tips for potential youtubers who need a little push. Also a fun fact for all members of the BWNC, Anto officially joined the private creator group when we recorded this episode so be sure to tag him in if you wanna say whasup direct!

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