21. How Lil Peep’s photographer honored his death | Adam DeGross Returns

Today’s podcast is a little different, I have my homie Adam DeGross back on the podcast updating everyone on his creative journey. Adam was my third guest EVER and since our first time talking…. A LOT HAS HAPPENED. Adam is an amazing photographer bead out of Minneapolis and if you recall, Adam was able to hop on the podcast in the first place because Lil Peep flew him out to LA to shoot one of his performances. Adam and Peep became pretty good friends over the next few weeks and Peep even offered Adam to come on his upcoming world tour to be his personal photographer. After Peep’s death, adam created an incredible memorial for him on his Instagram feed – sharing some amazing never before seen photographs that he took of Peep for Peeps fans which have been shared all over the internet.

Adam has since gone on to shoot for several artist including Post Malone and was even invited by Rolling Stone Magazine to photograph one of their Super Bowl parties. Adam’s career is blowing up and no matter how big he gets, he is still humble af and willing to offer his advice in any way he can which is why he was willing to hop on this podcast for a second time to share his tips to the BWNC Community. Thank you Adam.

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