Client Retainers: The Key to Consistent Revenue

Client Retainers: The Key to Consistent Revenue | EP 219

As freelance creatives, we are always looking for new ways to produce income for ourselves – whether you are shooting one-off gigs here and there, or working on reoccurring projects, there are always ways to position yourself to secure a more predictable income.

In this episode, we discuss the idea of negotiating retainer opportunities with reoccurring clients to create sustainable revenue streams for you and your freelance business!

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  • (6:37 – 9:50) Perspective on Retainers
  • (13:27 – 17:45) Real-World Examples of Retainer Opportunities
  • (20:41 – 26:50) Workload Balance
  • (29:05 – 31:35) Nothing Lasts Forever
  • (31:36 – 37:14) Pitching Client Retainers