Guapdad 4000 Discussing his Come Up, Creative Strategy, Building a Viral Brand, Working with J. Cole, and More! | EP 220

Guapdad 4000 is a smooth, charismatic rapper from the Bay Area whose humorous style and steady flow have elevated him to stardom in recent years. Following his breakout appearance on the 2019 Dreamville compilation Revenge of the Dreamers III, Guapdad released his official debut album Dior Deposits. Guapdad is a hip-hop outlier who showcases his personality with viral videos and tight rhymes.

In this interview, we uncover Guapdad 4000’s come up from a young scammer in The Bay to a big-time rapper with a fully-formed internet personality. We learn about Guapdad’s early days in the rap game, growing as an independent solo artist, and his first Grammy nomination!


  • (07:38 – 21:35) Guap’s Upbringing & Wybees Rap Group
  • (21:44 – 38:25) Establishing Personal Brand & Cracking The Code as a Solo Artist
  • (38:37 – 46:16) Applying Networking to Music Career
  • (51:54 – 59:52) First Rap Dollar & Navigating Through COVID-19
  • (01:03:15 – 01:10:58) First Album Experience & Battling Creative Depression
  • (01:21:52 – 01:25:00) JCole’s Dreamville Feature & First Grammy’s Experience


Guapdad 4000 Talks the Process behind Producing his own Music Videos

Guapdad 4000 Opens Up About His Feature on JCole’s “Revenge of The Dreamers III” Album & His First Grammy Nomination