What it's like to be on tour

What It’s Like To Be On Tour | EP 221

For any creator who has experienced shooting live shows, the ultimate goal is to be on tour with your favorite artist traveling all over the world! The sites and sounds of tour life create memories that last a lifetime, but many aspiring tour creatives overlook many aspects of tour life that can be detrimental to your career path.

In this episode, we remove the veil of glamour about tour life and get down to the nitty-gritty. With real-life stories and great tips from trusted tour professionals – we shine a light on what it’s truly like to be on tour full-time.

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(08:32 – 16:29) Personal Experiences of Touring

(18:31 – 23:33) Communication is Key

(27:30 – 30:01) Importance of Planning a Shot List

(31:28 – 33:04) Building Rapport with Show Security