23. How Olufemii Tutorials became a full time youtuber.

Today we have my good friend and popular youtuber/creator, Josh Enobakhare aka Olufemii Tutorials on the podcast. Josh has a popular go to youtube channel that specializes in creating content for those who are interested in video production. Which makes a lot of sense because he literally quit being a full-time teacher in-order to pursue youtube full time. Teaching is in his blood and I fuck with that.

Josh’s channel has over 138K+ subscribers which he rightfully deserves as he puts in SO MUCH work when creating his videos. His website LuxuryLeaks.com has grown into a one stop shop for tools such as sound packs, light leaks, project files to download and learn from… Josh has it all. And I have to add that the sound pack is sick, he teamed up with an engineer and custom made 100 sounds that you can use in your videos for like $60. I use it in a lot of the videos I make – I promise it won’t disappoint and this is also a way that Josh is able to sustain an income while he creates. If you are a fan of Josh and want to learn about how he got to where he is today, this podcast episode is for you. If you are a fan of video production, this podcast episode is for you, if you are a fan of quitting your job to pursue something new… Then keep listening homie.

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