25. Why Hope for the Day is one of the illest suicide prevention nonprofits.

Today, for episode 25, we have a very humbled guest – the founder of Hope For The Day & Sip of Hope… Jonny Boucher. Hope for the Day is a non profit organization that achieves proactive suicide prevention through outreach and mental health education. Hope for the Day has been up and running for several years, affecting lives all over the world and it all starts with a conversation. I dive in deep with Jonnny to discuss why he started this non profit, how they are able to be successful by taking a non traditional approach at the way they run and operate Hope for the Day such as being the only non profit to give speeches at Warped Tour, I believe he said this will be their 5th year in a row on Warped Tour… and so much more.


Jonny is even about to launch Sip of Hope with his friends Dark Matter Coffee, which is a coffee shop located in Chicago and 100% of the proceeds support proactive suicide prevention and mental health education. Very fucking cool. As a person who has been directly affected by suicide, I support Jonny’s mission and am happy people like him exist. If you want to get involved in any way or need someone to talk to – search Hope for the Day and talk to Jonny and his team. They are doing some amazing shit.


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