Bash.Yams – VFX, Animator & co-founder of Warm & Fuzzy | FULL INTERVIEW | Ep. 193

Bash.Yams is the cofounder of Warm & Fuzzy – a design, animation, AR/VR, and VFX studio. Bash’s work is cutting edge & his client list includes Nike, W Hotels, Amazon, & Lululemon to name a few.

In this interview, Bash explains how he was able to land an internship working on VFX for AVENGERS in college – leading to years of working on feature films like “The Walk”, “The Shallows” & more.

He opens up about the truth of working in post-production in the film industry & how that led him to create his own studio Warm & Fuzzy. Bash also gives us a detailed breakdown creating some of Coachella’s most popular social clips ever with Ari Fararooy – like his viral Ferris wheel video involving cinema drones, CGI, & VFX! That & so much more!


Bash.Yams on leaving feature films to start his VFX & Animation studio – WARM & FUZZY

What it’s like to be a VFX artist on a HOLLYWOOD FILM (like Avengers)

VFX Artist breaks down VIRAL Coachella Ferris wheel video! | Ari Fararooy & Bash.Yams