Cole Walliser on Glambot, shooting superstar women like Katy Perry & P!nk, & directing commercials for CoverGirl! | EP 201

Cole Walliser is most popularly known as the Director of GlamBot content for E! Entertainment. Cole attends major red carpet events (like the Grammy’s & the Emmy’s) to capture super slo-mo shots of Hollywood’s BIGGEST stars utilizing what’s called The Glam Bolt which is a motion-controlled fast pace robotic arm… The shots are insane.

But that’s not all that Cole does… when he is not shooting celebrities like Ariana Grande & Brad Pitt, he directs major commercials for brands like Cover Girl, Revlon, Cosmopolitan & Disney, and directs music visuals for artists like P!nk, Katy Perry, & more.

We hope you enjoy this episode!


Behind the Scenes of GLAMBOT with Cole Walliser | Superstar slow-mo shots at Grammy’s red carpet

Cole Walliser shares his social media GROWTH strategy (6M Tik Tok & 1M IG followers)

Cole Walliser gives TIPS on directing BEAUTY commercials (like CoverGirl & Revlon)

BRAD PITT in 1,000 FPS | How Cole Walliser shot this video in 45 SECONDS!

Cole Walliser on VIRAL Ariana Grande moment at the Grammy’s (he only got one chance!)

How working for FREE led Cole Walliser to direct P!nk’s tour docs & music videos!