CREATOR TIP: Always have a CONTRACT! | EP. 35

Trying something new!!!! If you’ve been fucking with the BWNC Podcast for a while – then you know that we upload a new episode every single sunday. WELLLL…. Starting today, we will be adding a 2nd episode to the mix, every week! ON WEDNESDAYS!!! We see a lot of questions being asked within our private group on Facebook (you should join) and we want to use Wednesdays as a time to deep dive into these questions with the goal to hopefully help you cut some corners on your journey as a creator. Today’s topic: CONTRACTS. Why are they important? How can they help you save money and time? How can they prevent you from being over worked… and so much more. We hope you enjoy. Please leave a review, DM me. Comment on youtube… anything you can to let us know if you like this format! 

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