Daniel Schiffer on his journey to 1M subscribers, creating cinematic product commercials, and mastering the EPIC B ROLL style! | EP 208

Daniel Schiffer is a videographer & YouTuber who has been dominating the filmmaking space on YouTube with highly educational behind the scenes videos, editing tutorials, & more. Over the past year, his channel has exploded to 1.4M subscribers as he has popularized a unique handheld filming style coined “EPIC B ROLL” that has taken the internet by storm.

In this episode, Daniel takes us through his evolution as a videographer and YouTuber breaks down his production process for videos like his viral pizza commercial, and shares incredible insight on creating commercial quality content with minimal resources.


Daniel Schiffer explains his SOUND DESIGN process! | Creating your own sound effects!

Daniel Schiffer explains “EPIC B-ROLL” (Inspired by James Matthews)

Daniel Schiffer on making cinematic product commercials from home (B-Roll is KEY)

Daniel Schiffer explains EPIC B ROLL PIZZA COMMERCIAL! (Behind the Scenes)