How Dave Malave went from being an intern to working for Beyonce | EP.87

YES! It’s finally here. Dave is a key player behind the scenes with the BWNC movement. Dave’s story is insane and truly is a testament to the power behind BWNC. Almost two years ago, I put out a request to have someone help me out as an intern with the BWNC Podcast. Dave applied amongst many but really really stuck out to me for many reasons. As we became friends over the phone building the BWNC brand, I came across an opportunity to hire an assistant to help me while I was working with Beyonce preparing for Coachella. I offered it to Dave and the rest is history. Tune in to hear Dave’s story coming up and how he became the perfect candidate for the job as my assistant and how that grew to him becoming my second shooter on the Beyonce and Jay-Z world tour, OTR2. This story is insane…