How Andrew Hales built the LAHWF youtube channel to 300M views! | Ep. 130

This week’s podcast guest is Andrew Hales – the creator of the prank youtube channel LAHWF. A channel with 3M subs and over 300M total views. Andrew’s prank/hidden camera comedy content smashed youtube with titles like “Holding People’s Hands” and “Acting Out The Notebook With Girls” among so many other hilarious concepts. Recently, Andrew has started his own podcast called “Chatting With” where he interviews ordinary people with interesting occupations, interests or mindsets. In this episode, Andrew gives us insight into how he was able to build up such a successful youtube channel and the process behind his content! 

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Timecode- Ben’s Intro (0:00)- Intro to Andrew // LAHWF origins to now (3:02)- Moving to LA // Cringing at old work (22:20)- Fear of success // Finding balance with money and art (29:03)- Current state of Youtube // Engagement strategies (33:00)- “Chatting With” series (41:30)- Sponsors // Management // Cross Promotions (50:59)- Starting a watch company (56:15)- Recognition // Future plans (1:00:00)- Q&A (1:05:25)- Outro (1:09:50)

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