How Brandi Marie went from being a PA to a full time social influencer!! | EP. 154

Brandi is an actress, influencer, and a movie reviewer based out of Los Angeles. Brandi built her following working with creators like King Bach in viral comedy videos that gained millions and millions of views, allowing her to start charging for brand deals. She has since dipped into the movie review game, traveling all over the US to hit the red carpets of major films like Joker and Jumanji, where she has been able to interview massive celebs and share her thoughts on the film with her audience on Youtube. So much to learn within this episode, make sure to let us know your takeaways in the comments!

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  • Intro to Brandi (2:38)
  • Beginnings / Moving to LA / Pharrell “Freedom” video (10:08)
  • Start of Vine career / Learning from PA work (15:38)
  • Brand deals / Influencer Marketing (27:30)
  • Content variety / Youtube / Memorable stories / Rise of TikTok (43:50)
  • Acting aspirations / Beyonce convo / More social media strategies (1:12:10)
  • Outro (1:27:20)


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