How Chip Tha Ripper built a succesful 10+ year career in Hip-Hop | Ep. 136

King Chip aka Chip tha Ripper is rapper & entrepreneur who’s been in the game for 10+ years without a doubt has had a big impact on hip hop. Chip is a long-time collaborator with Kid Cudi, having worked with him on some major records & featured on the massive hit “Just What I Am”. He’s worked with everyone in the game – from Kid Cudi & Big Sean, to Travis Scott & Anderson Paak – he’s a well respected veteran & we’re stoked to have him on the podcast. In this episode Chip gives us some behind-the-scenes info on two brand new albums he’s about to release, he takes us back to his early battle rap days, and speaks on his latest endeavor – an an app that seeks to bring more accountability to the police force!

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  • Ben’s Intro (0:00)
  • Intro to Chip // Chip The Ripper vs. King Chip // How Chip and Ben met (4:18)
  • Getting into music // early years (10:00)
  • People making music for money (22:50)
  • Lyricism and Cleveland background (26:00)
  • Creating music and putting it out (33:00)
  • Music beginning to bubble up // first shows (39:45)
  • Fans // Taking it seriously (47:20)
  • Collaborations // Creating visuals // Music blogs (53:39)
  • Labels // Iconic memories (59:53)
  • Last project // Dropping singles (1:07:42)
  • Good Cop Bad Cop app (1:10:53)
  • Moving Forward (1:27:30)
  • Patreon Q&A (1:30:32)
  • Outro (1:39:31)


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