How Chris Parsons became Kendrick Lamar’s personal photographer | Ep. 138

CHRIS PARSONS is best known for his work as Kendrick Lamar’s personal tour photographer/videographer. On top of that, he is also an excellent studio photographer and has worked with massive brands like Nike & Jordan. In this episode, Parsons takes us through his journey from dropping out of college to touring the world with one of the greatest rappers of all time. He tells stories about the first tour he landed with BOB, the moment he missed his first opportunity to shoot for Kendrick, & of course the phone call of a lifetime that would send him touring the world creating content for Kendrick. From there Parsons has landed major brand deals, and established himself as a full-time creator in Los Angeles w/ his own photo studio. He dives into the power of manifestation, the importance of emotion in art, and finding greatness in the imperfect. This come-up story is as real as it gets, and I’m stoked to share this episode with you today! 


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⁃Ben’s Intro (0:00)

⁃Intro to Parsons (2:29)

⁃Graphic design background // First tour with B.o.B. and Lupe Fiasco  (6:50)

⁃Back to Florida // Learning photography // inspirations (14:10)

⁃Meeting Kendrick Lamar and how he got on tour (18:30)

⁃GKMC European Tour // Lessons learned on tour (27:00)

⁃Life off tour // style // Jay-Z & Beyonce (41:43)

⁃Power of manifestation // Goals // Stories (46:00)

⁃Energy behind the camera // Scheduling // Health (55:00)

⁃Managing self // Future plans // Creating music (58:59)

⁃Work reflecting self and emotions // Studio and models (1:03:00)

⁃Patreon Q&A (1:09:45)

⁃Manifestation, mentors, and more stories (1:18:20)

⁃It’s never the end of the world (1:27:00)

⁃Outro (1:39:40)

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