How Danilo Lewis became the tour photographer for The Chainsmokers! | EP. 120

Today we have Danilo Lewis on the podcast! Danilo is best known for his photography work with The Chainsmokers, Florida Georgia Line, and Zedd! He has been shooting concerts since he first started messing with his camera and quickly started leveling up by joining the festival circuit. He was traveling around creating content for so many festivals that eventually, a few artists caught on. This hustle is real! Stoked for you to hear the full episode!

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  • Intro (3:31)
  • Not wanting to be in front of camera until recently (5:35)
  • Backstory & Family (6:55)
  • Becoming a full-time photographer (9:30)
  • Working at Echo Stage / Learning the ropes / Recognition (14:35)
  • Big break into festivals (27:50)
  • Chainsmokers break & tour (34:15)
  • Relationship with the Chainsmokers (45:05)
  • Brand work and more (50:48)
  • Teamwork on tour (53:10)
  • Relationship with other artists – Nicky Romero/Steve Aoki/Zedd (57:10)
  • Rights to photos / tagging / having an attorney (1:00:40)
  • Future goals (1:08:51)
  • Florida Georgia Line & expecting moments (1:10:45)
  • Gear & helping/encouraging young creators (1:19:40)
  • Q&A (1:27:25)


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