How Everyday Astronaut landed a RARE interview ELON MUSK! | EP. 132

Everyday Astronaut is a Youtuber with over 38 Million video views focusing on bringing space down to Earth for everyday people. In this episode, Tim Dodd takes us through the journey of building his youtube channel into a massive success with no formal training in rocket science & no engineering degree. He dives into the value he places on quality over quantity, and the months of research and studying that goes into making his videos. Most excitingly, we learn how Tim was able to successfully land an interview with the legendary Elon Musk, CEO and founder of Space X and Tesla!

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Timecode:- Ben’s Intro (0:00)- Intro to Tim Dodds and Everyday Astronaut (3:17)- Origins of Everyday Astronaut (9:00)- Value in teaching others (16:00)- Quality is king (25:30)- Rebranding the channel (45:46)- Interview with Elon Mush (55:15)- Facebook show and bigger productions (1:22:00)- Future plans (1:27:35)- Patreon Q&A (1:29:30)- Outro (1:34:35)

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