How Jeffrey Eaton and Modern Life is War changed the hardcore music scene | EP. 144

Jeffrey Eaton is the lead singer of the well-known hardcore band, Modern Life is War. From a band started in small-town Iowa, MLIW has released several albums that have allowed them to traveled all around the world playing shows to thousands and thousands of fans. This is also a special episode as Jeff and Ben grew up together in the music scene of Iowa as Ben remembers how much of an impact MLIW had on him growing up.

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– Ben’s Intro (0:00)

– Intro to Jeffrey / Background (2:30)

– Early career / Discovering music / First band (7:05)

– After college / Building “The Garage” (19:15)

– Start of Modern Life at War / First tour (25:40)

– First album – “My Love, My Way” (33:10)

– Second album – “Witness” / Challenges / Changing the sound (47:49)

– The legacy of “The Garage” (58:00)

– Touring / Understanding impact / Quitting in 2008 (1:01:00)

– Reuniting / “Fever Hunting” / DJing (1:20:55)

– Current tour / New project / Advice for youth (1:29:35)

– Outro (1:37:30)

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