How Joe Larkin started shooting for DIPLO, NGHTMRE, and more! | Ep. 152

Joe Larkin is a photographer, videographer & producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in EDM like Diplo, Major Lazer, NGHTMRE, and many more. Joe currently is touring around the world creating content for DIPLO as his full time videographer & photographer. Joe is also a co-founder of KURSZA – a production company that produces after movies for festivals and facilitates content for their network of major artists in the EDM space. In this episode, Joe takes us through his journey of working as a production assistant on TV sets, to climbing up to casting for American Ninja Warrior, to his journey up the EDM ranks. He dives into how to connect & develop relationships with artists, how he goes about creating viral Instagram content for artists like Diplo, and what he looks for in creators who want to work with Kursza. SO if you have ever wanted to create content for DJ’s on tour or at festivals you definitely want to tune into this one! 

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⁃Intro to Joe / Background / Schedule on the road and KURSZA (3:29)

⁃Beginnings / School & Early Career (16:42)

⁃Spending a tough year in LA / Working PA gigs / Becoming casting producer for American Ninja Warrior (27:00)

⁃Starting on EDM content / Art of reaching out / Working at Insomniac (38:20)

⁃Dilemma about career / Starting to freelance / Touring and flying out to festivals / Working with NGHTMRE (49:30)

⁃Touring career worked out / Fitting in on tour / Bus tour with What So Not (57:30)

⁃Beginnings of KURSZA / Getting the team together – giving creators a shortcut / Festival after-movies (1:06:25)

⁃Working with Diplo + stories / Building trust / Popeye’s sandwich story (1:29:04)

⁃College experience (1:55:30)

⁃Outro & Q&A (2:01:43)

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