How Kevin Parry became a feature-film stop motion animator!

Kevin Parry is an insanely talented stop-motion animator & video wizard from Toronto, Canada. Kevin has animated on several Academy-Award nominated films such as Kubo and the Two Strings, The Box Trolls, and most recently Missing Link. After making his impact in the film industry, Kevin took the leap to freelance to create for brands like Malibu Rum, Hershey’s, & Disney while also building a massive audience for his super entertaining and “oddly satisfying” videos. He has built a youtube channel with over half a million subscribers and has over 700K followers on Instagram. In this episode, Kevin gives us an awesome behind the scenes look into the life of an animator while also describing the insane process behind some of his most popular videos – like how sometimes he only completes SIX FRAMES of a video in a full days work 🤯

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– Ben’s Intro (0:00)

– Intro to Kevin (2:28)

– Early days & college (7:40)

– Starting his career / Animation studio work / Cancelled huge project in San Francisco / Moving around (18:50)

– Creating for himself / Vine & Instagram / Balancing personal work with studio / Going independent (33:00)

– Freelance Career / Youtube video transition / Spec work (48:20)

– Technical process / Problem solving / Communication & pitching to brands (1:06:30)

– Patreon Q&A (1:19:00)

– Outro (1:25:40)

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