How Red Gaskell got a job with Casey Neistat! | Ep.158

Red Gaskell is a director, photographer, and marketer. Red got his start working on the brand marketing side for a company called Everlane for 4 years building their social reach to new levels and adding so much value to the company. Eventually, Red chose to take a leap of faith and left Everlane to focus on becoming a full-time freelance creator. Shortly after, Red quickly got an opportunity to take on a full-time role building the marketing for Casey Neistat’s latest venture 368 – a creator resource space in NYC. Red has gone on to work with brands such as Airbnb, Floyd, Year & Day, Pitchfork, Vans, Teen Vogue, and Snapchat.

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  • Intro to Red / Ben and Red meeting (2:21)
  • Creating the Kanye West tweets book “Uh Huh Honey” (9:30)
  • Background / Philippines to LA + Family / Early creative work (21:50)
  • Quitting accounting, pursuing marketing / Starting to shoot professionally / Strategies (31:00)
  • Quitting job / Moving to NYC / AirBnB funded his move / Getting work (59:35)
  • Linking with Casey Neistat and 368 / Hired full-time (1:11:37)
  • Leaving 368 to Freelance / Taking risks / Advice to creators (1:22:27)
  • Current Project with Anchor (1:33:14)
  • Patreon Q&A / Finding a team (1:38:20)
  • Outro (1:46:55)

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