How Shubham became the star of the Netflix show THE CIRCLE! | Ep. 162

Shubham Goel aka Shooby is one of the stars of the new Netflix reality competition show – THE CIRCLE. In a nutshell, the show is about a group of people who come together via an app and are voted off based on their likeness and influence. Shooby quickly became the most likable character on the show and has received a boom of social presence since its conclusion. In this episode, Shooby dives into the behind-the-scenes of the entire filming process of the show from start to finish, funny stories from set, & his strategy during the competition. We also learn about so much more about his backstory – like the time he ran for GOVERNOR of the state of California at age 22… or his experience starting a tech enterprise company. You can’t make this up. Shooby’s gives us a look into his future ambitions to continue acting & so much more.

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  • Intro to Shubham and The Circle (2:55)
  • Background / College Life (11:45)
  • Starting a company / Acting (22:38)
  • Running for governor (27:00)
  • The Circle / Almost getting kicked off / Time of his life (32:10)
  • Future plans / Network and connections (54:30)
  • Patreon Q&A (1:06:35)
  • Outro (1:10:55)


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