How ThatOneBlondKid began directing for The Chainsmokers, Adidas, Snapchat, & MVMT! | Ep. 134

Jeremiah Davis, known as ThatOneBlondKid, is a director & videographer who tours regularly with The Chainsmokers and has created content for Adidas, Snapchat, MVMT, DJI, & many others. In this episode, Jeremiah takes us through his entire career from his high school photography hustle to directing music videos & campaigns for some of the biggest artists & brands in the world. He gives us behind the scenes looks at the Snapchat series he directed “Without Limits”, how he landed his first Chainsmokers tour after turning around 2 videos in 3 days, and the national campaign he just directed for MVMT featuring Nyjah Huston & Sam Kolder among others. This episode is jam-packed with some sick insight – you’ll learn the best ways to reach out to clients, the value of turning around content quickly, and the power of collaboration.

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  • Ben’s Intro (0:00)
  • Intro to Jeremiah // Collaborations (3:08)
  • Working in ad agencies // Art of reaching out // Becoming a freelancer (8:15)
  • Early Days (15:18)
  • Moving to LA (33:09)
  • “Closer” music video // Drones (42:00)
  • Own Snapchat series (46:35)
  • “Movement” contract (58:35)
  • Linking with Rory Kramer // The art of reaching out (1:02:09)
  • Touring (1:12:15)
  • Linking with The Chainsmokers (1:21:24)
  • Social platforms // Skydiving (1:30:56)
  • Future Plans (1:49:30)
  • Patreon Q&A (1:57:45)
  • Outro (2:13:25)

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