How Thutmose music got over 25 MILLION+ plays in just a year and a half… | EP. 42

Today, our special guest is rapper, singer, songwriter THUTMOSE. Thut has been having a hot streak for the past year and a half with his music after releasing a few songs online including a Kendrick Lamar Humble remix which went very viral on Facebook. Thut’s story is super insane. He moved to Brooklyn from Nigeria after experiencing the Lagos Armory Explosion – an accidental detonation of military high explosives at a storage facility killing over 1,000 people and causing chaos in the city. With safety being a main concern, his family moved to America, landing in Brooklyn where they became harassed by SWAT and immigration. Fast forward to now, he has released records with millions of plays, opened for Billy Ellish on her US tour, and is about to support make in toyo upcoming America/European tour. This story is incredible and holds a lot of value for creators of all kinds. I encourage you to write down THREE takeaways as you listen to this episode. Feel free to share them with me in the comments when you finish.

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