How Ty Rogers transitioned from baseball player to sports content creator for Cam Newton & Michigan Football!

Ty Rogers is a filmmaker & photographer who has established himself as one of the top creators in the sports world working with brands such as NFL Films, ESPN+, Adidas & LeBron Jame’s Uninterrupted to name a few. In this episode, we learn how Ty transitioned from playing college baseball to becoming a content creator for some of the top athletes & sports programs in the country such as Cam Newton, Duke Basketball, & the University of Michigan football team. Ty has won 2 Emmy’s for his work off so If you have ever wanted to create content in the sports world for athletes, teams or brands you definitely want to be taking notes on this one!


  • Intro to Ty / Current work with LeBron James and Uninterrupted (2:19)
  • Beginnings / Playing football in college + professionally / Studying criminal justice / Coaching (11:50)
  • Changing careers to graphic design + advertising for college teams (16:30)
  • Starting to shoot photos + videos for teams and universities (28:30)
  • Cam Newton DM’ing him and their working relationship (48:40)
  • Shooting for the NFL / Fly on the wall / Start of freelancing (1:03:00)
  • Moving to LA / Work with big sports brands / Gear (1:18:20)
  • Future Plans (1:32:00)
  • Patreon Q&A (1:34:50)
  • Outro + Winning 2 Emmys (1:41:27)