How Rome became the lead singer of SUBLIME with Rome! | EP 85

This week’s guest is Rome Ramirez, the lead singer of Sublime with Rome! The journey Rome has been on throughout his career is incredible. Rome has toured the world with Sublime and even wrote hit a record for Enrique Iglesias. Rome takes us through his memory of coming to LA to pursue audio engineering with the hopes of potentially having his music heard by someone in the industry. Soon after starting, Rome dropped out of school and eventually moved into the vocal booth at Louis Richard’s studio. After interning and being a ‘fly on the wall’ at the studio, he was introduced to the bass player of Sublime, Eric Wilson. The rest was history – tune in to find out the rest of this wild story!  In this episode we learn about the importance of putting yourself in the right situations, the power of connections, and how you can use content to build your brand!