Tony Yacenda on directing the hit show Dave, American Vandal & Freaky Friday for Lil Dicky | Ep.182

Director Tony Yacenda  – known best for directing Lil Dicky’s viral music videos “Save Dat Money” & “Freaky Friday” – takes us through his experience directing 3 episodes of Dicky’s new FX show “Dave”.  He also dives into the process of conceptualizing,  pitching, & directing his own hit Netflix series “American Vandal”


The history behind LIL DICKY’S hit FX show DAVE! | Director Tony Yacenda

AMERICAN VANDAL – Director Tony Yacenda’s million-dollar PITCH to Netflix!

Tony Yacenda’s directing approach to ELEVATE Lil Dicky’s comedic voice!

How Lil Dicky REVOLUTIONIZED the music industry with a $100,000 kickstarter campaign!

How Lil Dicky created the VIRAL “$ave Dat Money” music video for FREE!

Directing advice from “American Vandal” & “Dave” director Tony Yacenda!