YCImaging on balancing Youtube, music videos, & family! | EP. 205

Christopher Rodes aka YC Imaging is a content creator & YouTuber with over 340K subscribers and 21.5 MILLION views. YC’s Youtube channel is one of the best places to find educational video, tutorials, & vlogs around filmmaking, video editing, & music videos. 

In this episode, we explore YC’s journey from graphic design, to music video directing, to focusing more on exploring YouTube as a career. He shares about his decision to move to Atlanta to have access to more resources for production, his process for creating YouTube videos, and why he’s recently chosen to direct fewer music videos! *He also shares about a new course he’s building for creators*


YouTube took YCImaging to SWEDEN! | The power of sharing the process

YCImaging on his journey as a music video director & YouTuber!