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How Jerreau got the ultimate rap-career cosign from Lebron James! | Ep.160

Updated: Feb 28

Jerreau is a rapper from Columbus, Ohio who rose to fame as a solo artist after LeBron James featured his debut single “Really Got It” on his Instagram channel right before the NBA playoffs. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, Jerreau’s been in the game for over 10 years coming in a rap group called Fly Union that released several albums featuring artists such as Big Sean, Curren$y, Dom Kennedy & Chip Tha Ripper to name a few.

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Some of the things you’ll hear about in this episode are …

- The first time he met LeBron in 2009 and got confirmation that Bron fucked with his group’s music

- How his rap group Fly Union was able to land their first nationwide tour with TDE & Kendrick Lamar right at the exact time that Good Kid Maad City was dropping

- The difficult time when his Fly Union group imploded shortly after landing a major label deal with Interscope...

- The moment he woke up and saw LeBron James posted his very first single as a solo artist on his Instagram feed right before he took an IG hiatus – resulting in an insane amount of attention on his song

- His experience performing at the 2016 NBA Finals & getting to take his father to his first NBA game to see his son perform – and guess what … LeBron won the finals that year. NUTS

- How working out opened up his mental clarity to allow him to create his latest project “Keep everything yourself”

And so much more!


- Intro to Jerreau (2:47)

- Backstory / Family / Discovering music (11:00)

- Formation of Fly Union / Session with Big Sean & Curren$y / Midwest sound / Creative process / Meeting LeBron (29:12)

- Going on tour with TDE / Performing advice / Interscope deal / Moving to LA (1:02:45)

- Solo project / Industry in LA / LeBron posting “Really Got It” / Performing at NBA Finals / (1:18:30)

- New album / Finding inspiration for new project / Importance of self care / Sound of new project (1:30:00)

- Patreon Q&A (1:47:30)

- Outro (1:52:42)

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